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The 3 Most Popular Types of Shoes This Year


Jul 22, 2020

UGGONSALE- A person’s appearance will look attractive and eank seen when the clothes he wears look attractive and good. In the following, we have summarized the three most popular types of shoes in this year that you must know.

Slip on for casual events that need to take off shoes often

As a variation on the strappy minimalist sneakers, you can also replace them with slip on, Bro. Slip on looks relaxed but is very easy to use because it is without straps. So you don’t need to bother handling it especially when traveling to places where you have to take your shoes off often.

For starters, choose black with white soles, bro. This is because it will be easier to mix and match white with a variety of superiors.

As for the ingredients, you can choose genuine leather to make it stronger and more durable. However, the canvas material is also still good if you want to put more pressure on the budget. One slip on you can choose for example Vans slip opn, Skechers slip on, Adidas Superstar Slip On, Superga 2311-Cotu, and others

Sport shoes, to accompany you to exercise

Sports also become one of the activities that are quite often done by boys. Minimal sports jogging or biking is usually done by men. Well, to meet the needs of sports, a guy needs special sports sneakers. Why? Because in terms of materials and comfort will be different from the minimalist sneakers that you normally wear everyday.For sports sneakers, there are currently quite a lot of types and brands. You can adjust to sports that you do often, for example for running, gym, biking, or other sports.

Minimalist sneakers for you to wear everyday

Minimalist sneakers are one of the shoes that you must have, Bro. The reason, these shoes are the most versatile shoes to wear. Why does it have to be minimalist? Because with a minimalist design it will be easier to use with any type of clothing. In addition, minimalist sneakers will not be timeless because the design is very simple.You can choose minimalist sneakers in white, or black, with white soles. These colors are the safest colors, so you can wear them everyday.

As for the ingredients, you can choose genuine leather material to make it more durable or imitation leather. You can also choose shoes from canvas if you don’t want to spend too much money, because genuine leather tends to be more expensive.

Examples of shoes you can have for minimalist types of sneakers, such as Adidas Superstar, Adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Force 1 Low, Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, Old Skool Vans, Puma Suede, and various sneakers with other simple designs.