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Recommended Shoes for Boys in the Style of KPop Stars


Jul 22, 2020

KPop that is worldwide also influences male fashion trends. Well, one of the fashion items that is quite prominent for KPop star-style style is shoes.

If you want to be a KPop star-style and are looking for shoes that are suitable, the following IDN Times provides recommendations for the type of shoes that is suitable for you to wear. Intrigued by what type and model of shoes? Come on, see below.

All white sneakers make your KPop style won’t be wrong

Plain white sneakers are always suitable for use with any boss. If you want to style KPop idols, you just have to choose sneakers with the material and type you like, it can be leather or canvas. The thing to remember is the color of the sneakers should be plain white. For example, Nike Air Force 1 Low which has a basketball style shoe, Adidas Stan Smith that looks slim when worn, or Fila Disruptor with thick soles.

Bright colors sneakers for KPop star style

Everyone must have at least a bright color sneakers. An example is Converse shoes or similar to Converse. This type of shoe does have an iconic design and simple silhouette. So that makes these shoes can be used for any style and design is also timeless.

Now, for the style of KPop star style, you can choose Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars with many color choices. You can choose shoes with different colors from your clothes. So you can hit and hit KPOP-style colors. If so, your appearance will be guaranteed kecp-style KPop really, deh!


Loafers, formal shoes that turned out to be suitable for Korean style

Loafers are usually worn by people who work in offices. However, who would have thought loafers would also be a mainstay of the KPop star to perfect his style.

Using loafers gives a more elegant and neat impression even if the clothes you wear are casual.Besides that, loafers are actually casual shoes. But over time, loafers become shoes that are also used for formal purposes while still not leaving the casual style

There are many types of loafers that you can choose, including Tassel Loafers, Belgian Loafers, Penny Loafers, to Gucci Loafers as shown.