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Dress shoes to attend a formal event


Jul 22, 2020

Some guys really like collecting various types of shoes. The shoes are used to support your appearance from when you hang out to going to formal events. So, you must have shoes that match the types of activities that you will do.

Dress shoes for attending formal events

A guy will often come to formal events, right? At a minimum you have been invited to invitation. Well, for formal events like this, you need a pair of dress shoes, bro, not sneakers. For example, dress shoes such as derby, oxford, double monkstrap, loafers, wingtips, to brogue.

As for the shoe material, you should choose the genuine leather, bro. Indeed, it will be more expensive than synthetic leather, but genuine leather will be more durable and long lasting. While synthetic leather will eventually become brittle and damaged even if it is not used.

For color, if you buy your first dress shoes, you can choose brown over black. Brown dress shoes are more versatile because they can be used with formal as well as casual clothes. This shoe is also very suitable when combined with subordinates, such as jeans or other subordinates are brown, gray, and navy. While black dress shoes are better if used with formal suits only with black or gray subordinates.

Some local brands that provide dress shoes such as Portee, Nappa Milano, Winshor, and so on. While dress shoes for foreign brands include Allen Edmonds, Tod’s, Crockett and Jones, and so forth.